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Депрессия Полезные Ссылки

by на Май 15, 2012

Electroacupuncture may be effective for depression-study

Outcome to treatment for depression predicted. Magnetic brain stimulation (rTMS) effective treatment for depression

34 Ways to stay awesome when things suck

Simple, Low-Cost Yoga Program Can Enhance Coping and Quality of Life for the Caregivers

New Depression Treatment ‘Safe and Effective’, Experts Say

Older Adults Who Sleep Poorly React to Stress With Increased Inflammation

Finding Explains Mechanism for Electroshock in Depression

Direct link between GABA activation and dopamine suppression

Scientists reveal first-ever glimpse of complete kappa opioid receptor structure

Paulette Diane Altrichter
This news on Ketamine is incredible. The best news I’ve heard since suffering from depression in my mid-thirties.
We give millions of dollars to all kinds of charity, but depression is last on the list and half of Americans suffer from it. I now lead a support group for those who suffer with depression and will tell them about the break through with Ketamine.
I also have a theory that depression triggers illnesses of every kind. If we can irradicate this horrible disease (and it IS a disease), perhaps we can bring more wellness to our world. I have known so many for whom the traditional anti-depressants do not work. So let’s hope we’ll hear more about the use of this drug in cases where other meds have not been affective!

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